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Optical design of the following systems in UV, Visual, and Near Infrared ranges. 

• Cameras based on CMOSs with flat or curved imaging surfaces
• Telecentric camera 
• Wide angle and telephoto camera
• Small cameras for endoscopes and other optical devices
• Hyperspectral and Multispectral imaging systems
• Fundus camera
• Ophthalmic, intraocular, and contact lenses
• Virtual reality glasses
• Illuminating systems based on LED and Laser Diode
• Cameras with ZOOM
• 3D endoscopic and laparoscopic vision systems
• Eyepiece with and without diopter adjustment
• Telescopic and Microscopic systems
• OCT system
• Collimators
• Projectors
• Imaging or illuminating systems with tunable lens for autofocus
• Fiber coupling systems

Optics can include aspherical and spherical lenses made from glass or plastic.

Support development of optical system from start to production stage.

    • System requirements
    • Choosing start design and optimization
    • Tolerance and manufacture analysis
    • Optimization for reduction sensitivity to tolerances
    • Test plate fitting
    • Thermal analysis
    • Stray light and ghost image analysis
    • Development assembly procedure
    • Opto-mechanical design
    • Manufacture drawings
    • Development jigs for assembly
    • Inspection of incoming lenses
    • Assembly and test the optical system
    Support sales and marketing of the optical system

    Measurement parameters of single lenses and objectives.

    Support development of the optical system demands measurement parameters of incoming lenses and assembled objectives. Such measurements can be done on sophisticated equipment available in Medigus. I am well familiar with the equipment. The equipment consists of two systems. The first system measures the following parameters of a single lens: Radius of curvature, EFL, BFL, centering errors. It can be also used for the creation of doublets and measurement centering errors of single lenses inside a multi-lens system. The second system measures the following parameters of objectives: MTF on and off-axis, EFL, and distortion. The systems can measure parameters of lenses with diameters in the range of 0.4mm-75mm.

    Development of the entire camera system.

    The camera system can be developed using Medigus's facilities. The company has experienced optomechanical and electronic engineers. The company also has sophisticated equipment for testing optical and mechanical parts. Medigus produce small CMOS cameras for endoscopy. The company developed its video processors including HD video processors. Lenses for the camera can be supplied by the German manufacturer. The manufacturer produces high-quality lenses with a range of diameters of 0.3mm-75mm for a reasonable price.

    Medigus (Israel)

    Development test of the camera.
    Image Engineering has developed test charts, analysis tools, and test equipment for a fast and reliable test of a camera. I have experience using this technology. Please find more information about the technology on the website of the company that you can find below.

    Consulting service.
    I have experience in the design and development of imaging and illuminating systems. I have wide knowledge in Optical Design, Optical Engineering, Design Optics for Endoscopes, Design Plastic Optical Systems, Optical Design of Microscopes, Design Ophthalmic Optical Devices, and Design Illuminating Systems.

    Assessments of designs in articles and patents.

    I propose to companies and patent agencies assessments of designs in articles and patents. I have the a strong background in aberration theory, experience in the design of imaging systems, and experience in writing scientific papers. See articles in the links below.

    Examples of optical designs and article about aberration theory.

    Scientific articles and my knowledge are available in my profile on LinkedIn