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I propose to my clients the course "Design imaging systems in visual range using ZEMAX-OpticStudio".You can learn the course being at home and at any convenient time.The course is based on the reading of specific chapters from different references and practical lessons completed under my instructions provided via email or SKYPE. Please find more information in the link below:


Syllabus of the course can be found in the link below:


I had a strong background in optics and electro-optics in the 1999 year. But, I did not learn optical design in university or in any course. So, I read books, articles, worked with ZEMAX software, and was in contact with experienced optical designers. This course is based on the books and the articles that I have read. You can see examples of my optical designs and my experience on this website. I can also provide you the list of persons that can recommend me. I think that it is possible to learn optical design from these books and articles. The cost of the list of the books and the articles is 500 USD. If you have questions, I will help you for 80 USD/hour.You will need to use a standard version of ZEMAX-OpticStudio most of the time. But, learning stray light analysis will demand usage a professional version of ZEMAX-OpticStudio. If you do not have experience of usage ZEMAX-OpticStudio, I suggest first take a free ZEMAX-OpticStudio trial. See the link below.

You can loan ZEMAX-OpticStudio to short terms. See the link below.