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In the case of optical design project client should try to answer himself to the following questions before scheduling first appointment.


• Environmental conditions.
• Project milestones / time table.
• Preferable materials.
• Quantity estimation of future production.
• Manufacture methods.
• Restrictions on manufacturing country.
• Maximum target price for production.

For Imaging Systems.

• Application of the optical system.
• Range of working distances.
• FOV.
• For ZOOM camera: ZOOM ratio, resolutions in object

  plane for minimal and maximal ZOOM.

• Boresight angle.
• Weight / volume constrains.
• Sharpness of MTF in the center / margins of FOV.
• Resolution in object plane.
• Depth of field.
• Image orientation.
• Allowed geometrical distortion.
• Spectral Range.
• Full CCD/CMOS data sheet will be very helpful. 

 CCD/CMOS: Number and size of active pixels.

• CMOS: Graph of CRA versus image height.

For Illuminating Systems.

• Type of light source: LED, Halogen lamp,..

• Required flux distribution on illuminated area.
• Spatial / Angular emittance of light source. 

• Weight / volume constrains.
• Working distance.
• Spectral Range.